Creative Shift

An online creative workshop that connects your creativity with action to take you from a blank slate to a tangible product


A 7-day creative challenge course. Every day you get a creative challenge for your creative artistic side. Whether it is your writing, dancing, painting, drawing, wherever your creative outlet is- that’s where you will wander with these creative challenges so that your creative toolkit stays sharp and active.

Daily Planner

Journal your journey for your creative projects regularly with this digital and heavily discounted planner.

Teach What You Know

Best $2 you will spend. It is an ebook that presents you step-by-step process for creating an online course or a workshop. Create a teachable product with this ebook.

Creative Zen

A series of ebooks and digital content that act as your creative partner for generating new ideas for life and work. Try out the first ebook to get an idea generator by your side.

Monthly Tracker

Celebrate an entire year of creative productivity. Tracking your dreams and actions every month with this detailed monthly tracker.

Stress Buster!

I would like to send you a note of positive energy and inspiration every week for an entire year. Is that okay?

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