Dance Meditation

Get yourself involved with dance meditation workshops. Dance Meditation is working out Indian Classically towards meditation.

Artistic focus with dance elements from Indian Classical dance forms that are picked and stylized with the idea of giving you a workout + meditative outlet. The movements are slow enough that any novice to dance or yoga can pick up easily. The meditative aspect of the form is intertwined with the physical moves. You get the experience of working out while moving through the delicate movements to reach a focused yet relaxed meditative phase.

  • Designed to add strength and focus in everyday activities
  • Slow and precise movements
  • A healthier way for anyone recovering from knee injuries
  • Creative outlet
  • A perfect way to balance physical and mental focus through meditative movements
  • No age requirement
  • No previous experience of yoga, dance or meditation necessary
  • A new way of relaxing and focusing your energy for the experienced dance, yoga or a meditation practitioner
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Simple to remember the steps in the dance meditation sequence
  • Get recharged and refreshed within 10 minutes every day

Dance Meditation during lunch break

One of the helpful, creative and effective ways to empower, entertain and provide a way to relax & focus for your employees/clients at your next event or during their lunch break.

Dance Meditation for Home-makers

One of the best ways to keep your body, mind and soul at ease with a pace that take you through delicate dance movements. A great way to relax and recharge to take on the next day.

Dance Meditation for kids

A perfect way to empower their creative side at an early age with easy movements that balances physical and mental focus.

Dance Meditation for Senior Citizens

A creative outlet & a way of exercising for memory, focus, strength and relaxation

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