Creative Zen

  • Regular inspiration at your disposal with this 1st ebook in the Creative Zen series
  • A detailed creative zen note introducing a creative muse
  • Zen note that could make your smile brighter and heart lighter that week. Every creative zen note starts with presenting a specific idea as a point of reference whether it is a song, color, dance, book, daily happenings, and other creative outlets to build upon it as a source of inspiration for the creative within you.
  • Includes any of the following – creative pointers, quotes, feedback, worksheets, step-by-step instructions to create something new
  • Inspiration to revisit & begin an old project
  • Essays describing creative journeys of diverse individuals
  • Short stories that will challenge, entertain and inform your point of view
  • Creative Nooks- quick digital snapshots that provide you weekly zen reminders for your creative outlook
Stress Buster!

I would like to send you a note of positive energy and inspiration every week for an entire year. Is that okay?

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