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Ever wandered onto a path that felt challenging just to find out that it triggered a familiar creative impulse to breathe new ideas? As a choreographer, I used to look for spaces that had their own natural character whether in the form of the colorful interior or an interesting route that people had to take to physically get there. I still do. Though I graduated from that idea to understand how a complete one-dimensional black box theater can get your inspiration flowing. 

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What have you not done that you really wanted to do last year? It can be something small, tiny, dramatic or drastic.

Creative blockers are like medicinal herbs. They help at times but you understand their help quite later when you are about to recover. The blanker the canvas, more challenging it can get. Though sometimes it is easier to find how to connect various thoughts in a fluent delivery whether in life, work, art or otherwise when you feel stuck in a pre-designed canvas-container-presentation mode-etc. Creativity is complex as it usually starts with something simple. The simple element gets added with layers of other ideas and it becomes an unique project.

Frequently revisiting your creativity blocker can actually make it into a mode of inspiration. So far, I have either created dance works at least twice in a simple black boxed spaces or imagined how they can be decorated if presented there. 

Whatever mode of presentation is required in your life or work- what is your productivity blocker? What is a frequent thought that makes you feel that your creativity is getting stale? Use this note, today and the upcoming week starting from today to begin a writing exercise. It can be as simple or as extensive as you want. Starting with a 4-line brief excerpt just noting down what are your productivity blockers or choosing one to explore further. Try to explore what does not make you feel productive, creative, useful, necessary, efficient now for a brief period of time for next two weeks to convert that into a tool that can be your backup accessory for the future. 

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