Naach Corner.

Naach Corner founded by Shalaka Kulkarni is a space for dance meditation workshops and for other creative products that are born out of inspiration from dance creativity. The word ‘Naach’ originating from India & being the Hindi word for ‘Dance’, Naach Corner frequently looks towards Indian Classical arts as inspiration for creating our products. Shalaka is trained in Indian Classical dance and has an extensive teaching experience for dance, movement and creative classes. If you are a freelancer, artist, creative entrepreneur or looking for new ideas & inspiration for your next new or previous old project then please check out our creativity generators. If you are looking for an online or in person workshops that mixes dance practices & yoga towards meditation then check out our signature Dance Meditation workshops. Dance Meditation can give you the mental space to breathe, focus and work out within 10 minutes every day. Learn more here.

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