Become A Dancing Yogi

Hi, welcome to Naach Corner. I want to invite you to become a part of our dancing yogi community. Play with your creativity as you stretch and reach towards your wellness goals.

Yoga is one of the most efficient way of moving towards physical fitness and mental wellness. The reason being that the results gained through the consistent use of this practise are long-lasting. There is a dance form that is very close to how Yoga asanas and mudras would be if moved as a movement/dance form. Bharatnatyam is an Indian Classical dance form originating from South India whose aesthetics is similar to how Yoga asanas are flowed through. When you join any of the classes, you will find a sequence that will have you stretch, sweat, dance and create. Taught by an experienced dance teacher and a trained yoga teacher, you will leave each class with a refresh mind and a healthier body.

How is it similar to Yoga?

You will still have traditional yoga class with alternating classes that move through vinyasa or yin flow.

How is it different than a yoga class?

You will be introduced to a slightly varied creative extension or version of a yoga asana that will keep the class dancing.

You will get combined benefits from the both forms in the class that will help your blood circulation, keep your heart healthier, improve your sleep patterns, help in maintaining your sugar levels, increase stamina and assist in your care for mental health.

Want to give it a try? There are two free sessions available to choose from. Email for details to log in for the class.

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Learn more about creative coaching that offers you a path to feel, heal and recharge

There is a meditative aspect to the classes offered:

Artistic focus with dance elements from Indian Classical dance forms that are picked and stylized with the idea of giving you a workout + meditative outlet. The movements are slow enough that any novice to dance or yoga can pick up easily. The meditative aspect of the form is intertwined with the physical moves. You get the experience of working out while moving through the delicate movements to reach a focused yet relaxed meditative phase

In our movement classes, we combine the two Indian Classical dance forms with Yoga and bring you the following benefits:

Restful sleep

Improved concentration

Improved memory

Increased stamina

Stronger agility

Increased flexibility

Better lung capacity

Improved heart circulation for healthy heart

Group 1
  • 4 sessions
  • Live online classes
  • 35 minutes
  • Available on weekend
Group 2
  • 4 sessions
  • Live online classes
  • 35 minutes
  • Available on Monday

Shared by few of our participants:

“Overall it was a really good experience. As I am completely new to yoga, got some confidence that I can do this.”

“Great program gives peace of mind and rejuvenates the body with soul”

“It was easy to follow with good transitions and the pace was perfect as it gave me ample time to watch the poses and perform them myself without being rushed. Moreover her voice was really soothing and the serene music went great along with it. I enjoyed it and it made me feel relaxed at the end.”

“It was very relaxing”

“Great program gives peace of mind and rejuvenates the body with soul”

“I am not a yoga person , but this beginner yoga class I like it . I could not do perfectly but I tried my best and I think l started liking it before this class I like Zumba and Pilates but now I will take yoga class too.I love it.”

“It was awesome! Very nicely explained. “

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